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Backpacking Garibaldi Lake and Panorama Ridge

If you are taking someone on their first backpacking trip and you aren’t sure how they will feel about it, I recommend Garibaldi Lake. The lake is beautiful and the campground has multiple outhouses and bear shelters for storing and cooking your food. No need to bury your poo in the woods or attempt a bear hang. As far as backpacking goes it doesn’t get much more glamorous than this! This place has been on my to-hike list for a while. After years of drooling over this view, I was able to convince Doris and our boyfriends to come along with me!

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Backpacking the Chelan Lakeshore Trail

Have you ever hiked 22 miles for a famous cinnamon roll? This Memorial Day weekend I did exactly that!

Nestled on the northern shore of Lake Chelan lies the town Stehekin. Unreachable by car, the only way to reach it is either by a four hour ferry ride or float plane. A fun third option? Take the Lady of the Lake ferry to the Prince Creek stop and backpack 17 miles on the Chelan Lakeshore Trail into town!

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How to Prepare for Winter Hikes

A little while ago I wrote a post about being prepared when you go on hikes, and I follow my own advice from that post for every hike I go on. I recently learned the important lesson that being prepared for an outdoor adventures is also highly dependent on the season. Generally I avoid snowy roads in the winter because I know I am not the best driver, even if my car has AWD, and for that reason I never thought to keep chains, a shovel, tow straps, etc in my car. I was never going to drive down a snowy road so why would I need it right? WRONG. You always think it can’t happen to you until it happens to you. 

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Am I Selfish for Hiking so Much?

My dad is an avid fisherman, has been for all of his life. His version of REI was a local fly shop where he would spend hours discussing the merits of the little bug shaped things in various bins. We would often drive down random roads near his favorite rivers where he would look for new spots to wade in and fish...and I was always his annoyed daughter feeling drug along for all of this.

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