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Optimus Crux Backpacking Stove Gear Review

Before the Optimus Crux Stove my main backpacking stove was the Jetboil flash. I had no plans to buy another stove since it adequately covered my needs for boiling water for dehydrated backpacking meals. When Katadyn reached out and offered to send me one of their Optimus Crux stoves I was excited, but didn’t think it would sway my opinions on my Jetboil. I WAS WRONG.

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Patagonia 850 Down Sleeping Bag Gear Review

I was in need of a lighter warmer sleeping bag for backpacking and I was looking at a few options in the $300 price range when a friend of mine sent me her Friends and Family discount code to Patagonia. I figured why not buy a $500 sleeping bag for the price of a $300 sleeping bag! It was a bit of a risk since I was unable to test the bag out beforehand and would be unable to return it, but all of my gear from Patagonia has been amazing so I decided to go for it.

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Pac Back Gear Trio 3-in-1 Sleeping Pad Review

I think all of us that backpack know the internal struggle that comes with bringing a backpacking chair along. It always leads to the same question, “Do I suffer on the trail carrying the extra weight to the top? Or do I suffer at camp when I have nothing comfortable to sit on?” The Trio aims to solve this by turning your sleeping pad into a chair.

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