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Ten Things to know Before Traveling to Costa Rica

When it comes to traveling I am either an extreme over planner, or more of a laid back, “we will figure it out when we get there” type of person. When I found out I would be visiting Costa Rica with family I decided to opt for option B. Not everyone enjoys my tight schedules going from location to location so I decided not to drive my family insane and try to go with the flow a little more for this trip. I basically did no research other than finding a couple of spots I wanted to visit. 

I love how our trip turned out, but there were definitely some things I wish I had known before I traveled down there!

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2017 Year in Review

I have written one of these every year since starting this blog and it's one of my favorite posts to put together (you can read 2015's here and 2016's here)  2017 was another great year of of adventuring and growth for me. I made a couple of major life changes I would have been too scared to make in previous years and was able to travel to a few amazing places!

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