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Don't do it for the Gram: A Guide to Outdoor Ethics on Social Media.

How do we stand up for what we believe in without resorting to cyber-bullying? How do we adventure and post content on social media in a responsible way? What do you do when you mess up and it seems like the entire internet is against you? I have some thoughts.

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2017 Year in Review

I have written one of these every year since starting this blog and it's one of my favorite posts to put together (you can read 2015's here and 2016's here)  2017 was another great year of of adventuring and growth for me. I made a couple of major life changes I would have been too scared to make in previous years and was able to travel to a few amazing places!

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Am I Selfish for Hiking so Much?

My dad is an avid fisherman, has been for all of his life. His version of REI was a local fly shop where he would spend hours discussing the merits of the little bug shaped things in various bins. We would often drive down random roads near his favorite rivers where he would look for new spots to wade in and fish...and I was always his annoyed daughter feeling drug along for all of this.

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